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Sharing Ideas For the Office

"Service to others is enlightened



Add your fall decorations to the office with the change of season. Easy decorations for the office include varieties of different squash from the markets. Display these all week and then give them out to patients on Friday. 


Happy Birthday Chiropractic!

It's easy to decorate the office for a birthday party. Why not celebrate all week. Balloons, ribbons and birthday hats will add a little fun to the office without costing you a lot of money.


Easy to do and it helps to keep delivering the message. Buy a couple of inexpensive 12" x 18" frames and hang some posters in the office. Every month switch the posters with some new ones or rotate the old ones to new areas within the office.

See our new patient education posters in the product page.


Here's an easy counter display.

Make a sign that states: We're nuts about Chiropractic! Fill some baggies with some nuts, put them in a bowl by the sign and let patients take a healthy snack. Fun and easy.


Don't forget flag day. We're decorating our office and celebrating on June 13th and 14th. It's time to pick up some American flags from a dollar store and hand them out to patients.

Have fun and celebrate our flag!


This month is the perfect time to order your

"Eggs get cracked. I get adjusted"

poster from We are using this for our "theme" of the month and highlighting kids and chiropractic. Along with the poster we received a handout that will be passed out during the month.

What's wonderful about this theme is that it goes perfect with Easter decorating. Plastic eggs will be placed throughout the office along with baby bunnies. This is a fun way to combine Chiropractic along with the holiday.


1. Put up poster in office.

2. Distribute hand out to patients and teach about Chiropractic, Adjusting and why babies need to be checked.

3. Decorate with eggs.

4. Hand out a "Healthy Egg Recipe."

5. Have a drawing for a fruit basket. We are having practice members guess how many plastic eggs are in a big basket.

6. For the kids we are giving away two Easter baskets filled with small toys.

Have some fun this month! Any ideas to share? Let us know. Our goal is to make the office enjoyable and share tips and ideas with other clinics.

We have a job to do and that is to help teach CHIROPRACTIC to as many people as we can and to have fun doing it!


Celebrate Mothers Month

1. Perfect time for some fresh flowers at the front desk.

2. Give out cups with flowers (or veg. plants) planted in them for Mother's day.

3. In your kids section have blank mother day cards for the children to color.

This month we will pick a day for Moms and give out chiropractic office mugs with a flower planted in it. We like to use petunias for this. If you do not have office mugs a cute hot/cold cup works great.

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