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This was a booklet mailed out to Chiropractors back in 1926 calling them into action.


We hope every Chiropractor will read the facts presented in this conference Committee Report, carefully and thoughtfully.

As a profession we are confronted with a critical situation.

We believe the field must meet the responsibility of this crisis.

Therefore, we urge your earnest perusal of this report, once, twice, or as many times as is necessary to gain a thorough realization of the danger we are facing, and which must be overcome.

This report has been written for your enlightenment. Our own minds, prior to the conference, were not fully aroused to the vital necessity for immediate action.

We attended this conference with the feeling that a serious situation must exist at Davenport to necessitate such a call being made.

A complete statement was presented to us, covering financial requirements, student enrollment, etc. Facts and figures with respect to the receipts and expenditures of all monies received from all sources, including the Neurocalometer, during the past few years, were submitted. We made exhaustive investigation and analysis of actual conditions, upon which our decision is based.

We appreciate now the urgent need for prompt energetic deeds.

Material support in the form of student enrollment is absolutely required to insure survival of not only The P.S.C., but of our profession.

We have faith that your response will confirm our conviction that this crisis can and will be met!

Pg. 10

 Meanwhile, those nursing justifiable, or largely imaginary grievances, have been outspoken in their condemnation of B.J., The PSC, the Neurocalometer, and other matters. Differences of opinions have ofttimes been permitted to develop into misunderstandings, leading to subsequent growth of bitterness and enmity toward the very institution which established and dignified their own professional standing and livelihood. It is not our purpose to indulge in controversial discussion. We do feel, however, that non-essentials and minor issues, and petty, personal grievances, must now be disregarded, and the filed's vision concentrated upon the vital and fundamental issue at stake--The survival of our science.

The internal strife now existent throughout the profession is bound to wreck the entire structure of Chiropractic, unless we who are constructionists at heart get together in a common cause, with a primary objective, and energetically endeavor to repair the damage already done, and seek to establish methods whereby further destructive activities within, as well as outside the profession, can be checked.


Chiropractic Principle and Practice

B.J. Palmer

The beauty about Chiropractic is the fact that it works with natural means. It puts nothing new into the body, nor does it take away any natural gland or organ. Chiropractic simply releases life forces within body, sets free rivulets of energy over nerves, and lets nature do her work in a normal manner.

Is your health as good as you wish it to be? Have you been doctoring or thinking about seeing a doctor?

Be progressive. Consult a Chiropractor and learn how easily you may have health more abundantly.

From Giant vs. Pygmy + "Thots"


Chiropractic brings us as close to the creator as any science can, it puts us in touch with the Innate of man, that spirit, that life force within each person that is our endowment from the creator. Let me repeat the paragraph that states:

"Chiropractic does bring us very close to and akin to many immaterial concepts, not only of how to get sick people well, here and now on earth, to his material body, but brings us into intimate relationship with the Innate that does live in its habitat."

Allow me to interpret the above quoted paragraph. B.J. is saying that a thorough understanding of chiropractic philosophy, not only explains health and disease, it also explains that one's body is endowed with the spirit of the universe and therefore it is (we are) part and parcel of the Infinite. This understanding brings forth, as he says, a "kindship," an "intimate relationship," with the Innate within; this kindship of "Universal and Innate Intelligence" is often referred to chiropractically as the God in Man Principle. That is why he quotes the title of the song "You never walk alone," he states that "it is symbolic of what we have tried to say."

B.J.never did, "walk alone," he walked, talked, lived and breathed the existence of "The Fellow Within," The Giant in the Pygmy-Man-Innate!

This is part of a letter that was sent out to women doctors from B.J. Palmer.

Dear Doctor:

The war is upon us.

Our nation's very best between 21 and 30 will go to the front.

As you and I love our young men so also do we love our profession which is destined to save mankind and his kind.

No movement has ever been started which meant so much to any man, woman and child mentally and physically as Chiropractic. No one knows this better than you and I. We realize it.

Chiropractic must not, cannot die. Yet we face a serious situation. With the young men to the front many of whom will never return; with many of our professional brothers gone to the front-we are growing numerically weaker. With less of men of 21 to 30 to fill our ranks; with times becoming more burdensome-the future is most important.

The age of the woman is here. I have always been proud of woman. I have placed her by my side in business. I have placed the wife by the side of the husband in school. I have made it possible for you, sister, to go out into the field upon par with man. You have proved capable of the test. Chiropractic has not been found wanting in your hands.

No one appreciates more than you what Chiropractic has meant to sick womankind. It opened avenues of business resources you had not dreamed before. It made you a sister of mercy, you went out on a mission of good-and yet, earned every bit you received-yea gave a double value.

The future of Chiropractic rests in the NOW. Men of over 30 and their wives and women of 18 on-upon them rests whether Chiropractic stands up or goes under during the crucial test of the next few years.

YOU can save Chiropractic for the people, not only now but for the future. You are a woman. You have studied Chiropractic, have tried it and you know whether a WOMAN can study it and make good with it in the open competitive field. To you I appeal for A LETTER, one such as would present Chiropractic from a woman-Chiropractor's viewpoint.

I want to gather a series of 100 letters from woman-Chiropractors. I want to print them into a booklet, entitled "CHIROPRACTIC FOR WOMEN AND WHAT WOMEN CHIROPRACTORS SAY."

I can understand your reticence and personal modesty forbid you from perhaps desiring to answer my letter. But this is a time which try the bravest of hearts; when they see the labor of years slipping down and the grasp weakening. It is one of those trying times when our profession cannot afford to let the years of work of many thousands go to weeds. We must have women. They must be appealed to from the woman's viewpoint and no one can do this better than WOMAN........

Chiropractic's Secret


Chiropractic's secret is within you--work it out!

From the founder of Voice for Health. This is from ~1960's. Not too old but I love several parts from it:

Page 2

You see, the secret of success lies in this: There is inside of you a seed of life capable of drawing to you any element you need, to bring to fruition whatever good you desire but like all other seeds its shell must be broken before the kernel inside can use its attractive power. And that shell is thicker and harder than the shell of any seed on earth. Only one thing will break it --heat from within--

a desire so strong, a determination so intense that you cheerfully throw everything you have into the scale to win what you want. Not merely your work, your money and your thought but the willingness to stand or fall by the result, to do or to die. We have been working so intently, I did not say intelligently, I said intently, for so long for recognition but then I am afraid that once we get recoginition we will not be recognized because we have lost sight of the intent of what chiropractic is all about. It is going to take men of vision and fortitude and determination and stamina and stick-to-it-iveness and conviction and understanding to hold fast the faith.

Page 9 (highlighted by my dad)

Let us not forget that our lives can be shaped and molded through our own will to do and be. A good name, a useful life, happiness-none of these is the result of luck, for life is determined by what we do with it. The hidden power within you is waiting for development and what it can produce or yield nobody knows, not even you. People fail because of lack of vision and faith and belief. People fail because of possessing a spirit of selfishness. People fail because of a feeling of inferiority and an attitude of apology rather than one of authority. People fail because they look for an easy way rather than the right way even if it is the hard way. People do not fail because they plan to fail, they fail because they fail to plan.


Hope you all enjoy this. The Chiropractor published Clinical Reports in some of the magazines. These reports are from the Feb. 1910 edition. The magazines varied greatly in the number of pages that were in each edition. I have some that are about 180 pages and then some that are only 36. I don't know exactly when they started print so if anyone has any more information on this please let me know.

Clinical Reports

Dr. Moore, Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 21, 1910

Dear Mrs. Moore:--I saw Miss Woodhouse last summer before she started taking adjustments from you, and think it is marvelous how well she is getting along. Yours truly, Kathryn Hawn.


Maple Ridge, Arenae Co., Mich., Jan. 28, 1910

Dr. B.J. Palmer, Ph.C., Davenport, Iowa

Dear Doctor:--I have never lost a case, i. e., I have got the best results. I remain a sincere exponent of Chiro.

Geo. H. Robinson (P.S.C. man).


Dear Doctor:--I have a case now, a boy twelve years old who had Infantile paralysis when eighteen months old. Has very little use of his lower limbs; can walk by the aid of crutches, but his ankles are weak. He can feel it is working in his back after the adjustments are given.

A.W. Alexson, D.C. (P.S.C. man).


Stromsburg, Neb.

Dear Doctor:--I have handled since September 20 up to date, just forty-two cases, besides the people that I have given adjustments to relieve them of headaches or toothache. I call that going some, and only four or five of that number went away dissatisfied.

Yours for Chiro, L.D. Smith, D.C. (P.S.C. man).


Grand Junction, Colo.

Dear Doctor:--Two specialists in Denver, also M.D.'s here, decided that the only thing that could be done for a 12-year old boy was to keep him under the influence of drugs to make him sleep and keep pain down, as he could only live a very few days. After eleven days, good color, no pain, sleep well and walked from one bed to another today; going to get well.

Yours, M.S. McCobb, D.C.


B.J. Palmer, Ph.C., Davenport, Iowa. Greeley, Colo., Jan 10, '10

Dear Doctor:--I have eighty-four patients and still they come. Two lady assistants are kept busy from 8:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. I could report some very interesting cases if time would permit, and later on hope to do so. With the best wishes of the new year, I remain yours with everything from the Chiropractic view point.

W.G. Medlin, D.C. (P.S.C. man).


Akron, Ohio, Jan. 9, 1910

Dear Sir:--We are very glad to have learned of Chiropractic. It has done and is doing great things for our family. Dr. Brown and myself are becoming fast freinds. We are very enthusiastic over the P.S.C. and can hardly wait until we can go. I have seen some great results from the adjustments in my family and in other families of whom I know. Dr. Brown is doing a lucrative business and is very anxious for me to get strong so I can help him. There is a great field here for chiropractic. Thanking you for your favor, I am.

Yours, J.D. Hinkle


Standish, Mich., January 10, 1910

Dear B.J.:--I am well and have had remarkable success with relatives. My dear mother has had stricture of the lower bowel and the M.D.'s were bound to operate. I have resotred her to normal, also a case of tuberculosis and several others. Those have all been charity patients, my dear relatives, and I feel better in restoring them than if I had made a million. I am going now to hustle. I am poor man financially, but money could not buy Chiropractic from me at any price. No, it is a Godsend to humanity. Yours for Chiropractic,

Geo H. Robinson (P.S.C. man)


St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 20, 1910

Dear Teacher:--I will write you a few lines to let you know I haven't forgotten you or the school. I am the only doctor in St. Paul that is putting infantile paralysis on their feet. I was called to a case today that has been under the care of an M.D. D.O., for five months. They can't get her bowels to move. I have four cases and their bowels have been normal after the first adjustment. I have had, to date, fourteen different cases for different troubles and I haven't failed to get results in any case after the second adjustmnet. Pure, unadlulterated Chiro is doing it. Tell the students I say they must learn to palpate while in school, because the field is a poor place to learn it. I am, C.L. Corbett, D.C.

The Chiropractor

December, 1913

Greek Letter Fraternity Among Chiropractors

Chiropractors now have a Greek letter fraternity thoroughly organized and on the road to real success. It is the Delta Sigma Chi, with the Alpha (mother) chapter located in Davenport. The success of the organization is due to Harold A. Hughes, of San Francisco, who has been laboring since July to bring about the complete organization, and now finds his dream come true.

At this writing the Alpha chapter has a membership of 45, and plans are on foot now for the securing of a Fraternity house. The chapter has a place in view and expects to have it in readiness by the middle of December. The first officers are:

President-Harold A. Hughes, San Francisco

Vice President-C.T. McCrea, Aliance, Ohio

Secretary--Chas. E. Weyland, Chicago

Treasurer-J. Dudley Hills, Carroll, Illinois

     These officers, with S.J. Burich , of Beloit, Wis., and A. Sax, of Albia, Ill., constitute the board of directors.

     The fraternity endeavors to secure men for membership who are talented in one way or another and are educationally capable. Of course, college men are preferred. The membership shows the following colleges represented: Leland Stanford, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Beloit, Wisconsin, Valparaiso, Kentucky, Chicago University, Clark University, Iowa University, Illinois University; and there are several others. Mr. Hughes is a Leland Stanford man, and he worked diligently to bring about the organization of a Chiropractic fraternity of this kind, realizing what it will mean to the science: the promotion of good feeling, the raising of the standard, etc.

     The Frat house will be nicely equipped and make a great home for many of the boys. It will serve as a club for all members. The members wear a jeweled emblem of beautiful design. Meetings are held every two weeks.

Tape Transcription

Speaker: B.J. Palmer

Subject: Chiropractic Care of prominent surgeon's wife

Transcriber: Myron Erickson

Date of transcription: 25 January 1988

The Mayo Story

"Some time ago, a physician of a well-known reputation came to our office with his wife--a well-known surgeon, runs a big hospital, one of the most famous in the world. We won't mention the name. He brought his wife to us for professional service.

"The first thing we said to the doctor was, 'You're bringing your wife to me for professional service. Now let's have a clear understanding. There is nothing you know that has been of any value to your wife. If anything you know were of any value, you would have used it already, she'd be well, and you wouldn't be here. Don't waste your time telling me what you know. Your position commands great respect among physicians and surgeons of the world. You had your wife before them all. If anything any of them could do was of value, it would have been done, she'd be well, you and your wife would not be here. Don't waste your time telling me what failure you have experienced. We have no time to waste on failure. You brought your wife to us for our turn. Then you are going to get our treatment and not your treatment through us. We're not going to repeat anything you or your profession have thought or done because all that has failed.'

"We said to ourself, this is a case of steel meeting steel, Greek meeting Greek. One of the world's greatest surgeons is now in contact with the world's greatest chiropractor. This is a test case, of where it is our method against yours, our system against yours. The chiropractic principle against the medical. The chiropractic practice against the medical practice. It is he against us. We against him. Not personally, but professionally. There was no use of our trying to fool him by repeating to him what he already knew.

"So we said, 'Doctor, it is our principle and practice that is going to accomplish our objective. Therefore, let us alone while you are here.'

"We, afraid of a physician, afraid of a man who knows a million things that we are not so? The fact that he brought his wife to us shows that he was a professional zero with a professional rim knocked off. And we say that with no disrespect to him personally.

"One day his wife awoke and said, 'I have certain symptoms.'

"He said, 'That is your sympatholytic nervous system.'

"She said, 'No, it is my atlas,' for that was the location of the (unintelligible).

"As a chiropractor, we knew she had certain subluxations in her spine which was producing pressure which was interfering with the normal quantity flow between brain and body. We located it with the use of the X-ray. We checked it with our neurocalometer and found the ever-present pattern of pressure. We gave her an adjustment. The doctor asked if he could see it, we said, 'Yes,' and he came in the room and watched us do it.

"And finally he said, 'What are you doing?'

"And I said, 'I'm adjusting a vertebral subluxation.'

"And he said, 'You can't do that because it don't exist.'

"I said, 'I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut.'


"When I got through, he said, 'What have you done?'

"And I said, 'I've adjusted the vertebral subluxation.'

"He said, 'You can't do that because there is no such thing.'

"And I said again, 'I'm going to ask you to keep your big mouth shut.'

"Well, come along Thanksgiving some four or five months later, and the wife was well. And he sees that she was well, she says that she was well, and between them, they ought to know. So the doc sends me and he said, 'What was my wife sick with?'

"And I said, 'I'm sorry, doctor, but I don't know.'


" 'Well,' he said, '(unintelligible) what was wrong?'

"I said, 'I don't know, doctor.'

"He said, 'you're a hell of a diagnostician.'

"I said, 'I'm not even a diagnostician.'

" 'Well,' he said, 'how'd you know what to do?'

" 'What the difference is, your method against my method: you would diagnose by what organ was sick and treat the organ. I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in the interference of the flow between the brain and the body. I located that; I adjusted that; now the flow is going through. And the individual is getting well, and the organs that were sick, whatever they are, wherever they were, in whatever condition they were, which I don't know. But you know, and what you know didn't do her any good, doctor. So you see, there's quite the difference between us. The only difference is I have the courage to my convictions and take that stance.'

"I later asked the doctor, "Why did you come to my clinic here in Davenport? You have chiropractors practicing in your town.'

"He said, 'I know, but they're trying to ape we physicians by using our physical methods.' And he said, "If I wanted medicine, I'd go to my own clinic, I wouldn't go to them to get my own medicine. I come down here because I had every reason to believe you were a chiropractor, and nothing but a chiropractor, and you wouldn't use anything but chiropractic.'

"And I said, 'You have come to the right place.'

"He said,'I have found that out.'

"Now he said, 'I don't know whether my wife is well of her problems or not.'

"I said, 'You said she was--diagnosed it.'

" 'Well,' he said, 'she says she's well.'

"And I said, 'I'm glad of that. But I don't know what she had.' "

Pamphlet by

Dr. B.J. Palmer

In giving a thought for the day, Uncle Ezra of radio fame says:

"I used to tell my troubles to every one I knew and the more I told my troubles the more my troubles grew."

This is true in life. Seeds bear after their kind and the crop is always greater than the amount of the seed sown. Likewise people who think ill health and talk about it continually reap that sort of harvest. They plant only that.

When people have worries and disappointments and dwell upon these things, their problems grow and multiply until they are burdened under a load hard to bear. To get from under the strain, some people develop a hobby and give so much thought to their hobby that old worries and troubles seem largely to disappear. ............

The Chiropractor

Dec., 1910

I Believe

I have only one day--today.

I have only one date--today.

I have only one opportunity--today.

I Believe--

This is the greatest day of my life. All my past days have been getting ready for today.

This is the wisest day of my life. All my past wisdom has been crystallizing into today.

This is the happiest day of my life. All my past happiness has been preparing for the happiness of today.

I am doing the greatest work of my life today. All the past work has been hardening my muscles for today.

I Believe--

Tomorrow will be a greater day. I shall be greater, wiser, happier, stronger--tomorrow.

I don't want to be a child again. The marvel is that I have gotten this far. It is a joy and a fine art to grow old and acquire sense.

There's millions of years beyond and a judge who will for the first time have all the evidence in my case.



Palmer Chiropractic

The Chiropractor, Sept. 1915. 48 pages long.


Just as it is necessary to have a clear conception of what is meant by HEALTH, so it is well to understand what is implied by DISEASE! Much time and thought has been given to the classification of disease, which, to the mind of the Chiropractor, had been better spent in seeking and rectifying primary causes. Disease is simply a condition! We speak of "catching cold." Wheras we never "catch" or "take" anything. Disease is a "minus," not a "plus" quantity, and when any organ or system is infected, it is due to a loss of resistance. Life is a fortress. There is a continuous war between the defenders of our organism and the hosts of invaders which daily find access to our bodies in the food we eat, the water we drink, and in the air we breathe. So long as the various systems already mentioned are in perfect harmony, one with the other, no harm comes of the invasion of these minute, hostile germs, but should the lungs, for instance, become devitalized through a continual use of impure air or an insufficient inhalation of pure air, then the invaders find a lodgement in the lung tissue and disease manifests itself, and unless a sufficient reserve force can be called upon, the invaders assume control with greater or less rapidity, and death insues.

EPIGRAMS (page 20)

(by E. O. Fuller.)

He who reasons not is a slave to the other man's opinion.

Have a reason for your opinion or change your opinion according to fact offered.

He who cannot give a reason for his belief has no belief, he only thinks he has.

Fear keeps many good men in the rut. Get out of the rut, there is nothing to fear.


bottom of page 36

It's SUBLUXATION, brother, not sub-luxation.


Booklet by B.J. Palmer

Slipping and Checking

B.J. Palmer

..........................For four years I have seen our profession slicing and hooking. I have seen our fellows slipping and sliding.

At the present time everybody is well aware that we are not where we were a few years back. There is a generally well-known depression on. Everywhere it is said that "business is slow" and that "I have not the business I had a few years ago." The whole darned thing seems on the fault-crack and the earthquake has all but engulfed us.


For two years the best minds in our profession have been traveling and checking, backward and forward. We have held conferences, here and there. We have verified, corrected and certified in many parts of the country where conditons are different--and the conclusion I herein give is universal. I have had men out on the road visiting you failures, you successes. I have been out myself. We have all watched, checked on your offices, your business "I had a few years ago." The fact herein given are true and hit the taproot.

I have talked with many chiropractor, at home, from many places. I have talked with many chiropractors, at their home towns, in different states I have been. I have pumped hard and they didn't know why. I even did so to many at Lyceum, last year and this, and they couldn't understand my motives. I did.



And, as I made this application to ourselves, I do so knowing full well that what applies to our mind and muscle is no different than what has been applying itself to all other businesses and professions in America, until today the entire United States is in a mental slip and without its mental check, hence we are damning the caddy , the ball, and finally blaming external conditions even to breaking our club by getting mad and refusing to any longer play according to the rules of the game.

Business is just as much a state of mind as is golf. If the golf mind slips and checks itself the stroke is improved. If the business mind slips and does not check itself, the financial returns are bad.

Our profession is in a slipping slump.


Palmer Chiropractic

1912 Publication

Flag is unfurled at Palmer Chiropractic School

Every time a chiropractor is acquitted, Old Glory flies

People looking up at the top of Bady Street hill today have wondered and asked the reason why old glory is floating from the top of the monster flagpole at the Palmer School of Chiropractic. Every once in a while the big flag, 24 by 36 feet in size, is unfurled to the breeze.

Curious to know the reason, Dr. Palmer was called up and asked. The school adopted the system of floating the big flag every time a Chiropractor is acquitted in the courts, whether it be in the United States, Canada or Mexico. The flag is floating today because the defense won at Mt. Pleasant yesterday, in the case of State of Iowa versus Sivers. The jury returned a verdict acquitting the Chiropractor of the charges against him.

"Old glory stands for independence and it is significant of our cause," said Dr. Palmer this morning. "Ever time we win a case, whether it be in the United States, Canada or Mexico, the flag will be unfurled."

The Daily Times, May 9, 1912

It's time to fly our flag!

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