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Are you the doctor, doctor? book
The philosophy of a successful practice!
Price: $34.95
Life without Fear, book, Fred Barge
Dr. Barge's classic explanation of the philosophical tenets of Chiropractic.
Price: $44.95
Giant vs. Pygmy & "Thots", book
This book contains the exact copy of B.J.'s book plus "thots" by Dr. Barge. A must have for your chiropractic library.
Price: $34.95
One Cause, One Cure. book, Fred Barge
The Chiropractic Big Idea explained!
Price: $39.95
It is as simple as that & more. book
B.J. Palmer's most popular lay lecture interpreted by Dr. Barge.
Price: $49.95
Explanations, book, Fred Barge
Dr. Fred Barge, book
Price: $29.95
Wryneck (torticollis)
Over 300 pages and includes x-ray analysis.
Price: $49.95
Fully illustrated with over 350 pages.
Price: $99.95
Old Dad Chiro Book
by Vern Gielow
Price: $14.00
The Chronic Patient, DVD
Learn to care and deal with the chronic patient. 38 minutes
Price: $34.00
Speaking on the Subluxation, DVD
Dr. Fred Barge, DVD, 1988, ~42 minutes
Price: $34.00
He Heals most in whom most have confidence, DVD
Dr. Fred Barge, DVD, 1988, ~ 45 minutes
Price: $34.00
College Assembly Lecture, DVD
Dr. Fred Barge, DVD, 1996, ~36 minutes, This one caused some controversy! Some of his view points surprised many.
Price: $34.00
Are you the Dr., Dr.? DVD Lecture
Another one for your collection. ~47 minutes. This is different from his book!
Price: $34.00
Philosophy Day Audio CD
Time to motivate? You will love listening to this one. Great for the drive to the office!
Price: $18.00
Passion and Chiropractic, DVD
45 minutes, 2/28/97, DVD This one gets your blood boiling. Love the vaccination information.
Price: $34.00
Giant vs. Pygmy lecture audio cd
B.J. Palmer's original historic lecture
Price: $25.00
"Thots" Simple isn't it
classical philosophy audio cd
Price: $18.00
Philosophy dvd, 1992
One of his best! A must have for any collection. ~55 minutes of philosophy, history and pure practice motivation.
Price: $34.00
Life without Fear 3 C.D. set., Fred Barge
Hear the voice once again! These tapes are different from the Life without Fear book.CD 1-The Beginning. 2-The Palmer Paradigm. 3-Why
Price: $38.00
The Chiropractor, Memorial Edition
Reproduction of the Dec., 1913, D.D. Palmer memorial edition. A collectors must.
Price: $16.00
The Chiropractor
Copy of original Jan. 1914 edition. Wonderful for the historian and those that love Chiropractic!
Price: $16.00
B.J.'s "flu" facts compilation
Reproduction done as original as possible.
Price: $38.00
Torticollis Brochure (50)
7 page brochure
Price: $20.00
B.J. Notebook
Developer of Chiropractic
Price: $8.00
D.D. Notebook
Founder of Chiropractic
Price: $8.00
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D.D. Coffee Cup
white mug w/D.D. picture
Price: $11.00
B.J. Coffee Cup
white mug w/B.J. portrait
Price: $11.00
B.J. at Desk Cup
white mug w/ B.J. at desk
Price: $11.00
Poster, B.J. Portrait, Hat
heavy stock
Price: $14.50
Poster, Fred Barge
heavy stock
Price: $14.50
Poster, Mabel and B.J.
heavy stock
Price: $14.50
Poster, B.J. and staff
heavy stock
Price: $14.50
Poster, Mabel
heavy stock
Price: $14.50
Poster, Portrait, older B.J.
heavy stock
Price: $14.50
B.J. Poster with quote
Fits 12 X 18 frame
Price: $14.50
BJ Poster, horizontal
Fits 12 X 18 frame
Price: $14.50
Founder and Developer Poster set
2 Poster set. Fits 12 x 18 Frames
Price: $28.00
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Price: $205.92



Posters fit a standard 12 X 18 frame

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